We stock or can get within a couple of days, virtually any spare-type part for the Triumph, Norton or BSA motorcycle from the fifties to the seventies. We stock or can get gaskets, seals, pistons, rings, bearings, rocker arms, springs, bushings, cams, connecting rod bearings, connecting rods, sludge traps, crank plugs cables, control levers, electrical and carburetor parts for all Triumphs, Nortons and BSA’s.

IN ADDITION, we also have a huge selection of used parts, MOSTLY for the TRIUMPH motorcycle, but also for BSA and Norton. I buy and sell stuff weekly and the used part inventory is changing all of the time. You can check out my ebay auctions for a selection of these used parts at any time. And remember, we trade new and used custom and stock parts for your used and new parts.


There is no way we could list every part available for your British bike needs. Here is a small sample of the most commonly ordered spares for your bike. PLEASE ask us if you do not see the item you want.

Joe Hunt Mag  $750

Boyer Ignitions: 
Timken Neck bearings Triumph 1955-1970 : 
Pistons, all oversizes with rings, pins, circlips: 
Repop:  $140 - Hepolite $220

GT Grips: 
$20 per pair in 7/8ths
Jackhammer Grips in one inch
$25 per pair
Spark Plug Wires Packard 440: 

Rear Brakes Triumph 1950 to 1970: 
$25 per pair

One inch and 7/8ths  $25

Throttle, Clutch and Brake Cables : 

Footpeg Rubbers
$10 per set

Shifter rubber

Kickstart rubber

$30 per pair

We also have or can get quality replacement parts for American Made V-twin motorcycles, including Harley Davidsons and the old Indians produced before 1955. We have accounts with the major manufacturers and wholesalers to get you the best deal possible on custom and stock parts for your stock Evolution Soft Tail or your Panhead Outlaw Machine.

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David Bird Rear Ends and Frames
These frames are MADE TO ORDER and usually take a week or two to get out to you.
Order now, there is sure to be a backlog.

Unit Triumph bolt-on rear end. $250

Complete BSA frame, call for price. Pre-unit Triumph bolt-on hardtail. $525

David Bird is a talented guy in the midwest who likes to make things out of metal. For us that means HARDTAILS and lots of them. David is making a hardtail for the venerable Triumph 650cc and 500cc unit construction motorcycle. They come in zero stretch, 2 inch over, 4 inch over and 6 inch over. He is also making them for the 1954 to 1959 Triumph swingarm pre-units. This is something the market has been demanding for some time now. Unit 500 and 650 tails are $250 plus shipping and handling and the pre-unit tails are $525 plus shipping and handling. Custom frames for the BSA A65 are available as well. These frames and hardtail sections are beautiful and and of top quality construction. You can get them through FOUR ACES. Please contact us at the shop for your custom built hardtail or frame.

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Oil Tanks
Heads up folks, the long awaited return of oil tanks is here. My buddy Dennis at Cali Choppers has been working on this puppy for a while now and has finally gotten his product out there. Or at least over here. These puppies retail for $210 plus shipping and are the finest thing you ever see with their "moon-style" end caps. These are made in steel with three mounting bungs and CORRECT BRITISH PLUMBING!! Yep, they have the correct "T" pipe for return and rocker feed and have a bung to use the stock (and hidden) basket type oil filter. They feature a special vented cap that eliminates the need for an extra bung for a breather.

$210 These are special order items, so reserve yours now.

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Biltwell Parts and Accessories
We are also proud to stock Biltwell Incorporated items.
Check out the section below and pick up some of these quality made parts at genuinely good price.

Biltwell Helmets
This is the next generation of Biltwell helmets. It's the same lightweight and comfortable shell but with a few significant upgrades. The flake is much bigger and crisper, hence the "Megaflake" name. Vintage style chrome strip around the opening is pure class and only available on a Biltwell. The new liner now has detail stitching and contrasting ventilated panels in the top. The embossed goggle strap has a new shape and an improved snap.

Now, a word about sizing. Miraculously, the Biltwell helmet is one size fits most. Medium hlemet-wearers and their size 8+ pals can squeeze their melons into our helmet without discomfort. That’s because the foam padding inside our helmets is really soft and compliant, and because our outer shell is so flexible. Of course, this is the reason why the Biltwell helmet is designed for display and novelty purposes only, and should never be worn to operate an actual motorcycle. Simply put, Biltwell helmets do not meet any DOT or other safety standards.

Sunburst Orange Mega Flake
Rootbeer Brown Mega Flake
Brite Silver Mega Flake
Starburst Silver Mega Flake
Midnight Black Mega Flake
Grape Megaflake
Disco Gold Mega Flake
Gang Green Mega Flake
Pacific Blue Mega Flake
Wine Mega Flake

Biltwell Exhaust Tips (Four Aces model that looks like an Amal velocity stack designed by yours truly.)
All Biltwell exhaust tip sets are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and will press fit inside any 1-3/4-inch O.D. straight pipe perfectly. They recommend drilling and screwing the tip to the pipe to complete installation, but leave this step to the discretion of the builder. After CNC machining, each tip set is sandblasted to a dull neutral finish, then black or silver anodized for protection and appearance. After anodizing, we laser etch the Biltwell brand and model ID into each tip. This laser etching is hidden inside the exhaust pipe when the tips are installed.

Biltwell Handle Bars
Biltwell makes nine different bars and we sell them all. 1" only and all are available in chrome or black electroplate.

Biltwell Builder's Exhaust Pipe Kit
The Builder Exhaust Kit is exactly what its name implies: a selection of pre-fabbed tubing, header flanges and exhaust tips that puts the art of custom exhaust building in the hands of backyard fabricators. Each Builder Exhaust Kit includes the following:

Two 16-inch-long (350mm) straight sections
Two 3.5-inch radius (90mm) U-bends with straights
Two 5-inch radius 134mm) U-bends with straights
Two Evolution cylinder flanges
Two Shovelhead cylinder flanges
Two Ironhead cylinder flanges
Two fishtail tips

In other words, everything you need to build a set of pipes for one bike, with enough scraps left over to start on two more. If you’re clever—and assuming your stable of projects includes the right combination of Harley motors—you could build three sets of pipes for less than 300 dollars. All it would take is a visit to the local muffler shop for a couple more feet of 1-3/4-inch steel tubing.

Biltwell Seat Brackets
4130 Chromoly or Investment cast Stainless Steel. .

Biltwell Solo Seats
Functional, comfortable styling cues include a narrow profile, a short, supportive nose, gently sloping sides and a subtle rear kick to keep you from sliding off your ride. The pan is stamped from heavy gauge high-tensile steel and features ribs and indents for added rigidity and stiffness. The four threaded mounting bosses are welded into position and the entire seat pan is powdercoated for beauty and weatherproofing. The foam inside our upholstered solo seats is custom-molded, medium-density polyurethane padding—not a shapeless wedge of carpet padding. Should you want to customize your pan or have it covered by your favorite leathersmith, these pans are avialable with the foam, but uncovered. Pans are pre-drilled for cover rivets, and include the welded-in mounts. Dimensions; Widest point: 11.5” • Length: 14” • Spring mounts, 7” on center.

Four Covered Styles Available:
Tuck-and-roll white vinyl
Tuck-and-roll black vinyl
Diamond pleat white vinyl
Diamond pleat black vinyl

Naked Pans. Powdercoated, stamped steel seat pan with custom molded-foam.